7 Things to avoid as a Product Manager

I’ve written a few blogs about what makes a successful Product Manager, best practices and thought leadership from various product professionals in the industry. Today, I want to share my views on top 7 things to avoid as a Product Manager. Final thoughts Have you ever been trapped in any of these pitfalls? I have… Continue Reading →

What I learned from Bruce McCarthy’s product roadmap workshop

In September 2020, I completed a 4 day product roadmap workshop run by Bruce McCarthy, a product guru who wrote the book “Product Roadmap Relaunched”. The workshop was run digitally with fellow other classmates from all around the world, the US, Mexico and New Zealand. It was a great 4 days with lots of activities… Continue Reading →

Five things all Product Managers should know

While working as a Product Manager over the past 7 years, I learned that it’s important for all Product Managers to know to know the following five things: Know your customers: This is product management 101. You need to know who your customers are. What is their demographics? What traits and attributes do they have?… Continue Reading →

So what do product managers actually do?

The role of a product manager can be different across organisations depending on the industry it’s in, size of the company, nature of the product and so on. I’ve seen product managers who are mainly responsible for product delivery and product managers who are mainly responsible to setting a strategic direction but not necessarily in… Continue Reading →